Why is the march not open to men?

Reclaim the Night marches are designed to provide an empowering space where women can assert our right to use public space at night without feeling afraid and without needing men to “protect” or chaperone us. Marching without men is a strong way of conveying this message.

Some of the organisers have attended mixed gender Reclaim the Night marches in the past, and found them less empowering for a number of reasons. The men’s voices sometimes drowned out the women’s, which we felt was inappropriate, and the presence of men undermined the symbolism of women using public space at night without male “protection”.

Any men who would like to show their support for the aims of the march are very welcome to join us at the rally afterwards. You may also be interested in the White Ribbon Campaign, organised by men working to end violence against women.

The march is open to women and to people who also experience discrimination or oppression based on their gender identity . This includes trans* women.

Male carers or male children/dependents of any woman who would like to attend are welcome to join in.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.